Words of Wisdom

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Take wise decisions
January 22, 2021

Decide to lose. When engaged in a battle of words with a family member, decide to lose the argument. You will emerge victorious, with the twin bounty of peace and humility in your hands. Decide to say something. If you hear someone insulting another or judging others by their looks, color, race or religion, decide to not remain quiet. Say something. Let it be known that you don’t agree. De...
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Grace of a Guru
January 15, 2021

Scriptures state repeatedly that guidance of a divine teacher is necessary for one who wishes to live a purposeful life and who wishes to know God. Such a teacher is known as the Guru. A Guru possesses theoretical knowledge of all the scriptures and a practical experience of God. Although a Guru descends to earth for the sake of everyone, not everyone is attracted towards a Guru. Some are immedia...
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Welcome, 2021
January 8, 2021

The entire world celebrates the arrival of the New Year. Different cultures celebrate in their own unique and fun-filled ways. It’s not wrong to celebrate having survived a year full of difficulties, heartaches and challenges. At the same time, we should ponder life and reflect on the fact that another year has passed, leaving us with less time. A prison inmate looks forward to the passing of day...
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Start Anew
January 1, 2021

The New Year inspires new beginnings and brings fresh optimism. The world is the same. You are the same. But you are inspired to make a fresh start. I wish all the readers a very wonderful and happy new year. My gift to you comes as usual in the form of thoughts and words: Life is full of challenges and demands. Instead of thinking about what you wish to accomplish in your entire life, concentrat...
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