"Every one of us needs half an hour of prayer a day, except when we are busy – then we need an hour." I came across this beautiful quote recently, and it instantly resonated with me.
It seems we are getting busier by the day. The more time-saving devices we have, the less time we have. As we juggle professional and family responsibilities and social engagements, there is barely any time left for God. On a day when every minute has been spoken for, prayer may feel like a luxury we cannot afford. However, here are some very important reasons on why spending some time with God every day is extremely beneficial:
1.   Our essence is the soul, and the soul needs God as much as the body needs oxygen. God is essential for the soul and spiritual health. If the soul receives its nourishment, the mind becomes peaceful and satisfied. If the soul is deprived of God, the mind becomes and remains restless.

2.   Spending some time in loving meditation on God in the morning helps greatly to tackle struggles of everyday life, both at home and work place. Moreover, early morning connection with the Supreme helps us focus on the important things in life and makes us more productive during the day.
3.   In this Age of technology, we are constantly distracted by sights and sounds of the world. Our attention span is very poor. Meditation on God helps us to regain our focus.

4.   Meditation on God builds and grows faith. Many bemoan the fact that they were not born with faith. For them it’s important to know that faith grows and develops gradually as a result of daily devotion.

Go ahead and make your appointment with God!


Didi Ji