As children we eat what our parents feed us, but when we become intelligent enough to decide for ourselves, we do well to choose a vegetarian diet over a non-vegetarian one. There are many excellent reasons not to eat meat, some of which are mentioned below.

Logical Reason: We have so many vegetables, fruits, grains and lentils to choose from that there is no justification for eating meat. Vegetarians have a much greater variety than non-vegetarians. The only time it becomes alright to eat meat is when your life depends on it.

Ethical Reason: Birds and animals are living creatures that experience pain just as we do. It is unethical to kill these creatures for the sake of taste or just because we are accustomed to eating meat.  

Physiological Reason: Our teeth are not designed to chew meat, nor are the intestines designed to digest it.  

Natural Reason: Humans are not natural meat-eaters. Unlike other creatures such as lions, humans do not salivate at the sight of raw meat.  

Health Reason: Our health, mental and physical, is affected by what we eat. Meat is simply putrid flesh, whose harmful effects far outweigh its benefits. Moreover, our mind is affected adversely by the impure food we eat.

So, eat wisely.


Didi Ji