Valentine's Day is coming up on the 14th. Little children will soon be making cards to give their teachers and fellow students. Greeting card makers are doing brisk business, as are candy stores, florists and jewellery shops. As with every other celebration, religious and secular, Valentines' Day has become extremely shallow and commercial. So, let's make this day truly significant by focusing the spotlight on God, our true Valentine.

Think about it. Who loves you more than God? He is with you through thick and thin. He was and will always remain with you. Even when you don't love Him, His love for you does not diminish. When you were not yet born; when you were just a fetus, God arranged for your nourishment through the mother's body without your mother being aware of what was going on. Later, He arranged for mother's milk so that you would not starve to death. By the time you were old enough to eat, He had already arranged for a variety of foodstuff for you. He has given you the air that you breathe, water that you drink and the earth that produces all the food you eat. 

God is working for you and me seven days a week. He cannot afford to take time off from gracing us. He is sitting right inside of us, noting all our thoughts of each and every moment. At times we get angry at Him for all the trouble in our lives, and we wish He would not give us fruits of our actions. But God's love is deeper than the ocean. He knows what is good for us, while we do not. 

He is waiting with outstretched arms to embrace us. We embrace the world but not Him, the maker of the world. But He does not give up. Such is His love for you and me. 

What will you give Him on Valentine's Day?


Didi Ji