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"Yugal Kunj" - Our Center in Atlanta

Radha Krishna

Inspiring selfless devotion to God as taught by the timeless Vedas and Vedic Scriptures, thereby helping community members of all ages lead a happy, healthy and spiritually oriented life.

A Special Message from the President of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

Click here to view a special message given from our Badi Didi Ji.

Meaning Of The Name

The name was given by our Gurudev, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. The meaning of YUGAL KUNJ is, ‘flowery pleasure groves of Vrindavan where Radha and Krishna roam leisurely and perform loving pastimes.’

Aim Of Yugal Kunj

Spread over 15 acres of lush green landscape of Duluth, Yugal Kunj aspires to provide a temple for practicing devotion; a community center for personal development for children as well as adults, and a second home where families can spend quality time together in picturesque serene surroundings.

About The Organization

Radha Madhav Society is part of the worldwide mission of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP), a non-profit organization founded by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj to provide a deeper understanding of Hinduism and bring to light the wonderful resources of this eternal religion and its all-encompassing culture.

The temple is an initiative of Sushri Siddheshvari Devi (Didi Ji), direct disciple of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Didi Ji iis well-known to the local Atlanta population as well as a respected figure in the US, Canada, Trinidad and other parts of the world.

Concept Of Yugal Kunj

Yugal Kunj is a unique concept that not only emphasizes the aspect of religion but introduces it in a new and modern way while still holding on strongly to the values of Hinduism. The building itself is a modern take on a traditional temple. The pleasing and refreshingly elegant lobby with its jewel tone décor leads to a beautiful Prayer Hall that houses the main shrine for the beautiful deities of Radha Krishna and Seeta-Ram. Handcrafted in pure white marble and resplendent in glorious outfits and jewels They are the very epitome of grace and benevolence.


The building is surrounded by lush greenery and truly gives the feel of a “Kunj” (flowery bower) but sits in the middle of Duluth, making it easily accessible from various locations within the city. Once you enter, the feeling is like no other. A place redolent with trees and flowers and beautiful landscaping that will mesmerizes and compels you to spend a little more time.

For The Youth

This center focuses very strongly on the youth, as they are at the epicenter of the inception of this community center. Through its various activities and services Yugal Kunj provides a positive, safe and healthy place for the youth to come together on common ground that centers on Hinduism and Hindu culture.


Gurukul is the educational wing of Yugal Kunj. This exciting initiative takes children and teens step by step through the various phases of our culture, helping them develop a long lasting faith and understanding of Hindu religion. The building houses beautiful classrooms that provide an optimal learning environment, and are equipped with state of the art technology. Dedicated teachers make learning an enjoyable experience for all children.

Projects For Youth

The temple and community center cover a wide variety of projects and subjects for the youth, such as debate, dance, art and music. There is something for everyone and every age here. All one needs to bring is an interest, an open mind and a sense of commitment. Basketball hoops, tennis courts, volleyball court, and soccer field are being enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

There are presently various activities already in progress at the center. The kids are being taught to play various musical instruments depending on choice and aptitude. Tiny hands playing the manjeera (small cymbals) and delicate little feet dancing to devotional music are a sight to behold. These events give parents a chance to soak in the serene atmosphere of the temple while the kids spend time in a positive and nurturing environment.

Sita Ram


Several day camps are organized throughout the year so that kids may associate with Didi Ji and develop a strong bond with her. Camps are fun filled days with various sports and games. Older kids learn various aspects of leadership and project management, providing them the tools to become better leaders in the future.

For Adults

There is an abundance of resources which are geared towards satisfying a mature but thirsty mind; resources that are not only pleasing to the eye but also immensely beneficial to the soul. Daily satsangs and keertans are accompanied by invigorating lectures and interactive talks.

Seva, or Devotional Service is the quickest way to receive God’s grace. In Yugal Kunj there is no lack of opportunities, whether it be in the form of cleaning, cooking, arranging flowers, managing the front desk, gardening, or serving food.

For Seniors

Our parents and grandparents have paid their dues in life by giving us the best part of their life to us. It is time to give back to them. It’s time to provide them a place that is physically safe and up to code for the physically challenged so that they can “hang” around with like-minded people and spend their sunset years getting closer to God by learning new and true meanings of Bhakti and Seva. Yugal Kunj provides them an amazing opportunity to be mentors to the younger generations.

RMS Atlanta Center


2769 Duluth Hwy
Duluth, GA 30096
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